Bike Races & Competitions

Here it is the folks! The entire list of bike races and challenges you have to look forward to 🙂

XC Racing

We have two XC race courses. A 5 km loop and a short-track course for the kids. The 5 km loop is packed full of twisty single track, fast sections through grassland, pine forest gravel tracks, dirt tracks and a touch of boardwalk. It really does have something for everyone. There are some challenging short climbs but it's not massively hilly. Perfect for all abilities and you're never too far from the main arena.

Night XC Racing

Like normal XC racing but darker. The over 18's race around the 5 km loop and under 18's race on the short-track course. Don't forget to bring your lights!


Strictly over 18's. It’s a race around our famous short-track. The rules change every year and it’s a highlight - even when someone barfs. It involves at least a couple of frantic laps. We make it up as we go along so expect surprises.

Bike Limbo Competition

It’s like normal limbo but on a bike. The bar gets lower and lower. An alarming number of adults are getting super serious and using very small bikes to try and win.

Bunny Hop Competition

Put on your bunny ears (no really you should) and prepare to hop and make nibbling noises. You really should be on a bike as well for this. It’s the reverse of the limbo - the bar gets higher and higher.

Track Stand Competition

A supreme test of balance. You and normally about 30 others stand on your bikes and the last one to put their feet down is the winner. I think this year we will ban tricycles.

Wheelie Competition

Think you can pull off the longest wheelie? All ages can compete in this competition with prizes going to the top three longest wheelies. Last year we did it around the big red start arch. The winner managed 5 laps.

Balance Bike Race

A race for the little ones on their balance bikes - no pedals allowed. The kids get to race on their very own race course center stage underneath the big red start arch. They can be guaranteed plenty of cheering and encouragement from the crowds.

Lezyne Exploder Challenge

Pump up the jam - err - inner tube. It’s a race between two people and the clock to see who can explode an inner tube the fastest. There’s an element of luck here if you find a more vulnerable tube than your opponents. Some are super tough. One tube was once inflated to the same size as the Large Hadron Collider.

Hill Climb

Ride up a hill as fast as you can. It’s not as easy as it looks and some of the dads take it far too seriously and then look like they are going to collapse.

Gravity Race

Arguably easier than the hill climb which takes place on the same track. It’s an eliminator race with different categories down the gnarly track which is genuinely scary.

Eliminator Racing

Sometimes known as 'the Devil takes the hindmost' which basically means the slowest couple of riders each lap get eliminated. Watch out for the barrels and kids with water guns. The laps are short, sharp and there's often a pile up in the woods.

Footdown Competition

Similar to the track stand competition expect all of the riders are moving in a circle which becomes smaller and smaller. The last rider to not put their foot down wins!

Silly Bike Race

One of the funniest bike challenges you will ever see. All you need to do is bring a bike that's totally silly for you to ride and race it.

Dual Slalom Competition

ITV's Jump has nothing on this. We set up a wicked dual slalom course on the side of big grassy hill and race down it. Simple.